January 15, 2016

[Intern repeats her “lines” — the sentences I suggested she say as a way to apologize to her program manager — over and over.] Me: You don’t have to read it exactly. Remember he’s a person, and be genuine. Her: Shhh, don’t interrupt. It’s so beautiful. [Intern begins interpretive dance to the spoken word paragraph]

January 14, 2016

Intern: I didn’t win Powerball. Me: You would’ve given me most of it, right? Or half. Half is good. Intern: No, I’d pay for college. And I’d buy a house. I’d buy everyone a house. You could have a house. Me: I’d take a house. A modest house. A nice one, but modest. Can we live […]

January 6, 2016

[Intern is stuffing thank-you letter envelopes. As she licks one closed, I notice it’s addressed to my roommate, who she’s heard much about.] Me: You know that’s my roommate, right? Intern: It is? [looks at name] Me: Yup. Intern: Tell him I licked it with love. Me, laughing: I will. Intern: Is that going on […]